Sample Weight Gain Diet

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What is a sample weight gain diet?

Sample Weight Gain Diet

When you are creating your weight gain diet, you will hear many opinions on how many calories you should be adding per day and what kind of foods you need to eat. The truth is that you need to experiment to see what is right for you. Here is a sample weight gain diet that can help you experiment and get started. Breakfast should combine whole grains and high calorie and nutrient rich foods. For example combine granola, chopped nuts, raisins and banana into yogurt and enjoy a glass of milk with it. Have a snack mid morning with something rich like peanut butter or cheese with a piece of fruit. For lunch have a calorie rich salad including avocado, canned tuna, vegetable, olives, lettuce, sesame seeds and olive oil or a sandwich with lean meats and a lot of vegetables. Have a mid afternoon snack of milk with a muffin or granola bar. For dinner have baked chicken with vegetables and rice. Enjoy some ice cream for dessert.



2/11/2009 9:50:45 PM
Sharlene Henderson said:

I eat like that all the tme and my weight stil reamains the same. My doctor states its because I have an high metabolism but what can I do to boost up my weight even though that might be true?

6/1/2012 9:10:13 PM
josey c. said:

This sounds like a great plan. I will defenitly try this sample weight diet. If I see that it is working for me then I will write to let other's know, so that they to may want to try it.


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