Gaining Weight on a Liquid Diet

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Because of surgery I had, I am on a liquid diet for life. How do I gain weight?

Gaining Weight on a Liquid Diet

If you are on a liquid diet for medical reasons, you can still gain weight if you need to. Don't fill yourself up with no- or low-calorie beverages, like diet sodas. Fruit juices are good. You can make smoothies, or drink commercial weight-gain products. Many weight-gain products are mostly protein, but you have to make sure you get balanced nutrition with enough carbohydrates and protein, plus some good fats. An inexpensive protein source is nonfat dry milk powder, and you can get soy protein powder or drink soy milk. Frequent, small liquid meals will be better than large, filling ones. When you are choosing a product, take the one with the most calories, as long as the extra calories don't come mostly from fat. Do some weight training if you can so you will gain more muscle and less body fat.



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im 15.anorexic and needed weight gain tips this tip is brilliant


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