Children and Being Underweight

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What are health risks of underweight children?

Children and Being Underweight

If your child is underweight, or on the cusp of being underweight, it would be indicated by a body mass index that is lower than the 5th percentile for the child's age. There are some health risks of being underweight. In many cases, being slightly underweight can be perfectly normal, especially if your child has recently gone through a growth spurt, eats healthy foods, and is normally active. Being underweight can also signal a problem and deserves medical consideration if your child is not gaining weight or has recently lost noticeable weight, has diarrhea, vomiting, poor appetite, or a low energy level. Children can be at risk for developing eating disorders, especially if your child has a poor self body image, seems to exercise a great deal, has stopped having periods (amenorrhea), or is using laxatives to help lose weight. Additionally, children and adolescents who experience a sudden weight loss may be showing symptoms of Diabetes Type 1. Weight gain diets for children should be closely monitored by both parent and doctor to ensure maximum nutrition and growth.



8/2/2006 8:06:59 AM
Rinki Ghai said:

My child is 3 years old and is just 10 kgs

10/17/2009 1:31:26 PM
mary holton said:

my daughter is 17, a long distance runner - runs 6 to 8 miles a day. She is underweight (has tried to lose weight for the last 6 mos and succeded) and will not eat carbs for fear of gaining weight. Otherwise she eats a very healthy diet although when at school (boarding) she complains about the food and does not eat as much as she should. We are trying to supplement so she won't lose any more weight. How do we convince her to eat carbs?

6/28/2011 3:21:51 PM
anonymous said:

It could also be genetics.

11/21/2011 12:34:28 PM
mgilli said:

Those aren't health risks for underweight children that you gave, those are causes. What are the long-terms health risks of being at or below the 5th percentile of weight for one's age/gender? Everyone is quick to ascribe dire consequences to a child's being overweight or obese,Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, carduac issues, and so on. What does undeweight lead to? It certainly doesn't LEAD to Type I diabetes, or anorexia nervosa. Clarify the negative outcomes, please? Bone density down? IQ lowering, what?


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