Weight Gain Needs

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Who needs to gain weight?

Weight Gain Needs

Many people are underweight for a variety of reasons: high metabolism, skipping meals, eating on the run, illness, injury, active lifestyles, stress, eating the wrong foods and not having enough nutrition. Some of these reasons raise no concerns, but there are health risks in being underweight. Losing weight due to illness, stress, skipping meals or not having sufficient nutrition are all issues. In these situations people set themselves up for further problems down the line by not maintaining a healthy weight and a balanced diet.



7/4/2009 12:23:22 PM
raggmopp said:

all of the above do apply,but poor nutritin can really hurt you if you have a major illness plus the added heart attack 6 months later.as well "these people are not intentionally setting themselves up for the aformentioned downfalls,a lot of us cannot afford to eat a good balanced diet.


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